mercoledì 17 aprile 2013

Presenting GrooveOff

Hello everyone! I haven't blogged in a while but today I like to announce the new, spare time, application: GrooveOff. Let's start with an introductive image:

GrooveOff is an unofficial client for With it you can search its huge database (thanks to a public api) for artists, songs and albums and save them on disk for offline playing. It provides easy to use filters by artists and albums. As in my other applications, there are few options to struggle with:

  • two layouts:
    • wide
    • compact
  • performance  tweaks:
    • download covers
    • limit search results
  • privacy:
    • search history
    • save folder

I embedded also a minimal player for songs preview/listening so you may decide to keep/reject them.

The application is founded upon Qt toolkit but I did my best to let GrooveOff feel native in each desktop environment. Look at the following screenshots:

This is the first public release so expect some bug/glitch, hoping not too annoying.

Thanks to Opensuse Build Service I can provide ready-to-install binary packages for major distros:

You can find source code at the following address:

or get development code from github.

Report any issue to github page; suggestions/wishes are welcome.

If you want to add a translation use this transifex page.

A great thanks to +Gaetano Salerno for testing the application on a bunch of distros.

GrooveOff is not affiliated with Grooveshark™ and has not been reviewed or officially approved by The author is not responsible for any violations this application does to Grooveshark's TOS. The author is not related to Grooveshark™ in any way! Support the Artists You Like by Buying Their Music.

GPL v3 GrooveOff on GitHub Qt Framework

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